MS Office 2007 Compatibility Pack with Office 97

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:w00t:  Wow! Way to go! Great work, you're reporting! Thanks for sharing your findings. :thumbup

The good news is that Excelcnv.exe as a "Office Isolated Converter Environment" works with the "Windows NT 4.0 sp6" compatibility mode is both directions i.e. converts xlsx-to-xls and xls-to-xlsx.

Would you please elaborate some more about that?

How is it one can use Excelcnv.exe as a "Office Isolated Converter Environment" in 9x/Me?


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"Office Isolated Converter Environment" is the internal name of the Fileformatconvertor (as far as I know), but "oice" is also the commandline option for silent standalone conversion. :sneaky:


Conversion xlsx-to-xls or xls-to-xlsx is possible in three ways, all working in my 98SE installation, KernelEx compatibility modes as above. Xlsx to xls only in two ways, Excelcnv gives a xlsx-file with extension xls! :puke:


I.   Use Shell option "Save as" with dialogs, choice of extension etcetera. Uses Moc.exe

II.  Use commandline for Moc.exe: Moc -f "Station\Path\File". Extension xlsx or xls. Further same as Shell option.

III. Silent commandline with Excelcnv.exe: Excelcnv -oice "Station\Path\File" "Station\Path\File". First extension existing, second target.

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