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Do the AMD southbridge drivers work with Win2k

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I'm pretty sure the graphics on the motherboards with integrated graphics are a lost cause but what about the boards based on the 770 chipset where you only have to worry about the southbridge? Will the drivers work with the SB700 and SB750 under Win2k? And what about the sata drivers?


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From what I checked 2 months ago, nVidia gave full support of all chipsets on W2k. Which is NOT the case at Intel which officially stops Ahci and Raid support on W2k at Ich8.

I searched through Gigabyte's site and for instance the C51 Chipset Driver v8.26 for W2k

http://europe.giga-byte.com/FileList/Drive..._nvidia_c51.exe (32MB)

cites in its Inf file the MCP51S = nF430/410 and MCP55S = nF590/570/550 (n650sli)

and MCP55 v9.20 for W2k


cites in its Inf file and Readme the C55/MCP55 and C19/MCP55 (n680sli)

all including Sata, Raid, F6 bootdiskette and everything.

However I haven't used them by myself for having bought meanwhile a less power-hungry P45 chipset, so this is no experimental knowledge.


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Nvidia's website doesn't show any Win2k support for the 6 or 7 series chipsets. I guess it must be unofficial support. I really wish companies would just tell you what worked with what instead of having to resort to forums like this. I've never been a big fan of Nvidia's chipsets anyway.

I checked Intel's site and they have chipset drivers for Win2k up to the P45 but like you said no SATA drivers. If you put your drives in PATA mode though you shouldn't need any ahci/raid drivers, right?

Anyway, I was originally asking about AMD but it's nice to know about Intel too.


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