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Will you be upgrading to Windows 7?

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78 replies to this topic

Poll: be upgrading to Windows 7 when it's released or soon after? (107 member(s) have cast votes)

Will you be upgrading to Windows 7 when it's released or soon after?

  1. Yes (93 votes [86.92%])

    Percentage of vote: 86.92%

  2. No (14 votes [13.08%])

    Percentage of vote: 13.08%

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Elf Sundae

Elf Sundae
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I'd like to..but i have no money :wacko:

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...Vista was only for people that don't really tinker with stuff and accept having zero control over their computer system.

It seems the further up the road you get with the windows operating systems, the less control and less configuration possibilities you have...

True. Though XP Home takes away control, too. In XP Pro, you have fine-grained permissions control, can ditch the Welcome screen, and can force users to press CTL-ALT-DEL. You can't do that in Home.

I also will not upgrade. The only reason I have Vista Business on a CD is because I get it free from school...that's how MS tries to enslave poeple. I install it now and then if I have to see how soemthing works in Vista. I keep telling myself I should use it just to learn to support it, but I just can't get that motivated.

I'd rather get my XP the way I like it and customize my Linux for my laptops (little customization is needed for my PCs.)
"If something looks too good to be true, it's best to shoot it, just in case." -- Fiona Glenanne [Burn Notice, USA]

  • Windows XP Pro SP2 (Also have legacy Windows, not installed, except I lost my ME disk. Can install a legacy version in extra space if needed to help troubleshoot.)
  • Linux (Slackware 13), KDE 4 (but will go back to 3, 4 imitates Vista too much), wireless automatic, no need for monitor drivers
  • Linux (Absolute Linux), GNOME, comes with CUPS already configured/running, hundreds of printer-drivers built-in, no need for monitor drivers



    K-Mart-ian Legend

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I keep telling myself I should use it just to learn to support it, but I just can't get that motivated.

Windows 7 support and Vista support is very similar. For example, I've never actually used Vista outside of Audit mode, but used Windows 7 quite a bit. I find I was able to get my Vista certification (it was free to take the test, why not) and passed it with flying colors. Learn Windows 7 and you'll basically know Vista. Only thing you need to know about Vista is the book smart type stuff, like what editions can do what and upgrade paths.
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  • PipPip
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I will continue to use my all time favorite OS---Win 98Se---!
I really like my XP, for the fact that I can go to it for something that just does not work
(due to malovelent intent/planned obsolence)--on a 98 or other 9x varient.
But, if that same prog worked on 9x, I would have no need to go to any other Windows!

If someone gave me a Win Vista, or 7 machine, I would use it---perhaps even use it more often than XP,
if I liked it---but would still use 98Se as often as I do now.

I have and will, always enjoy Clippy's concerned look as I pause to think what I am going to write next.
I got rid of the search dog on my XP machine, but missed him so much---I had to get him out of the pound.

On the whole, I actually do not dislike, anything Windows---
except "dropped support" practices of Microsoft itself.
But, even then, I am not a Microsoft hater, since I fully understand that Mr. Gates runs a business; the purpose of a real business being, to make money.

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