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Just Slipstreamed (!) Ie8 into Xp Cd (Sp3)

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I'm not so good i English, please don't kill me for that :-)

First, i downloadet Internet Explorer 8 to C:\ and renamed the file to Ie8.exe.
Then i Copy my Xp Corporate Cd (Slipstreamed with Sp3) to C:\Test.

Somewhere on internet i find that Microsoft use a Selfextractfileformat that have a intern filelist in the file and that the Hexbyte 60 00 before the filename tell that just that file should start when the extraction are ready. All other filest start with Hexbyte 20 00.

Well, the startfile in Ie8.exe is Iesetup.exe", the file that is originaly used to upgrade an already installed Windows.

I used a Hexeditor and edit the Ie.8.exe so the file "Iesetup.exe" have Hexbyte 20 00 before the filename an so edit the Hexbyte before the file"Update.exe" to 60 00, the file that is originaly used to Integrate the Ie8 into something.

I save the file and write "Ie8.exe /Integrate:c:\test and get a Successed Dialog.
And the files are realy copied into the Cd . . .

But - When the Xp Install copying files to the Hd i get a Error message and then the machine Reboot before i can read the error message. The Reboot loop's forever.

Then i install a new Windows to the same Hd in another \Win Directory and take a look in the Bad \Windows directory. I see a lot off ordinary windows files missing but don't find any logs saying what's wrong.

Wondering, what files tell the install program which file should be copied to the Hd ?

Can someone help debugging this problem ?

Here is the LogFile Messages:
0.000: Slipstream mode

0.015: Service Pack started with following command line: /integrate:\Test /Log:\

0.218: Package Type: CLASSIC

0.812: GetFileListInformation: Error 0xe0000102 retrieving version information from c:\f9c3e373169378267614\ieuinit.inf

0.812: GetFileListInformation: Error 0xe0000102 retrieving version information about \Test\I386\ieuinit.inf

3.187: Message displayed to the user: Integrated install has completed successfully.

3.187: User Input: OK

3.203: Integrated install has completed successfully.

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Dislocated Time

Dislocated Time


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IE8 sux.
I tried adding it to my installation routine and once it begins installing IE8 it keeps rebooting.
The problem is that it seems that the installation routine actually invokes Internet Explorer 8 which is a complete memory hog and then because its out of memory it is considered a system crash it and will reboot, then it tries to reinstall and will constantly reboot itself because its in a loop.

I've dumped IE 8 and checking whether one of the hotfixes might also be one of the problems.

Don't worry about your English... it's fine compared to a lot of the people that have posted here. :thumbup

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Don't Slipstreamed ie8.exe
First make ie8.cab with switches then Slipstreamed with nlite
make ie8.cab with switches then extract it & run the 7zip file & u'll see a dialog with switches
make the switches with addon maker & try again {extract it & run the file}
after you'll made good one Slipstreamed ie8.cab with nlite
sorry for my bad english...

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Maybe this topic will help you: http://www.msfn.org/...opic=131344&hl=

This is an IE8-Addon made by Sereby. I think there some other IE8-Addons out there,
maybe have a look at RyanVM: http://www.ryanvm.ne...fb0700bb0000890

Edited by g-force, 07 July 2009 - 09:11 PM.

g-force @ Win-Lite.de
Make sure to always start with a fresh copy of your CD files/folders,
do all your work in one nLite session and integrate only one SP.
Please report when you have a solution, so others can benefit.



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I save the file and write "Ie8.exe /Integrate:c:\test and get a Successed Dialog.
And the files are realy copied into the Cd . . .

I'm not sure who said the /integrate switch will work on anything less than Vista, but /integrate works via slipstreaming into a WIM file (and it has to be a Vista or greater .WIM, too). /integrate expects the Vista package manager, which it won't find on XP or Server 2003.

Also, that error (0xe0000102) you see comes from setupapi, which basically means "not found". It's looking for files and a setup catalog that would exist on Vista, but won't on XP, hence the failure. You'll have to do as a previous poster said and use one of the manual integration methods, or a premade add-on pack. You cannot natively slipstream IE8 into XP:

Slipstreaming Internet Explorer 8 is only supported in Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 do not currently offer a solution for slipstreaming Windows components, which are built using update.exe.

MCTS Windows Internals, MCITP Server 2008 EA, MCTS MDT/BDD, MCSE/MCSA Server 2003, Server 2012, Windows 8
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