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Prototype [The Game] install Issues.. REALLY strange!

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my problem is really strange:

When the splash-screen of the game appears, I select "INSTALL". The windows installer pop-ups and says "Prepairing to Install", and as soon as the progressbar of the windows installer finishes, another window pops-up saying "Do you really want to uninstall the game etc etc..?"

So, I can't install the game because it appears to be already installed [it's not, but it appears that way]. And when I try to install it,it wants to uninstall it..

Also, when I go to Add/Remove programs in my control panel, this appears: [Prototype without its size]

Oh and, if I try to remove it, an error ":1158" appears..


I am really confused, and I don't know what to do!! I really wanna start playing.

Please help, and thank you very much in advance,



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You seem to be on the right track here:


Although this forum is likely going to give you the best answer:


I don't have Prototype, so I am not entirely certain what installer it uses. Presuming it uses InstallShield, then error 1158 typically means the install is damaged. Since the install (typically) resides on a DVD, its unlikely that it is a pressing issue, or else there would be a lot of complaints. Of course, it may be a localisation problem. On the Activision forum you may want to see if there is any known issues when installing onto Spanish Windows.

But I am confused as to why you are running the installer from the desktop. Do you get the same error when you run it off the DVD itself?

Also, here is the 1158 explanation. Note, you aren't likely going to be able to fix the installer with this info:



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