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Windows 7 unattended problem

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Hi guys

I am trying to build an unattended windows 7 installation starting from Firegeir vista guide with windows 7 OPK(WAIK), but for some reason it hangs.

I narrowed it down to autologon thing, as the Administrator account is disabled by default in win7, not enabled like in win7. But even if I create it and set it to autologon, it doesn't work, it doesn't log on.

The biggest problem is that the auditsystem pass doesn't start at all, and so the runsynchronous commands don't run. I didn't get any error messages, it just skips to oobe pass.

What the heck is going on?

Here are the two autounattend.xml I tried.





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in Autounattend.xml try to remove all part containt your local account, and admin password (just for test if unattended install works) and try to change all entry like that:




win7 allow it

but i think the better way for install apps, is install W7 non unattended, at the first boot in OOBE pres ctrl+shift+F3 to enter in audit mode and install all your apps (!!! never close sysprep windows in audit mode!!!) you can safely reboot if it's needed. when all apps are installed go to "%windir%\panther\" check in unattented.xml at "setting pass" line and remove:


after the pass name.

then kill "wmpnetwk" in taskmanager and sysprep /generalize /oobe /reboot (or stop) and capture image offline

sorry for my very bad english

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