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Problem with replacing customized dll's

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Hi there.

I have a major problem with my Windows7. I have a habit with customising my Windows 7 into Mac OSX look. My problem is that after i replace explorer.exe, imageres.dll, ExplorerFrame.dll and shell32.dll with my own ones, my internet connection fails. With RC version worked fine. Each of the file was extracted from the same version I use, in this case, v.7600, customised and when i tryed to put them back... ups..... . I have an pppoe connection.



I posted above screenshots with my problem. Maybe somebody know what is to do. Thank you.

L.E. Somebody suggest me that one or more of the files i have touched is connected somehow with that processes, a hint was explorer.exe. Is that posible? I never touched scrips inside dll's and exe's, only thngs i have changed was images (bmp's and jpg's).

Can anybody help me with my problem?

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