Configure WSfromUSB for repair installation?

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Hi everyone,

sorry if this has been asked already. Some critical files of the Windows XP Home Installation on my Asus Eee PC seem to have been corrupted, all attempts to boot end quickly in a blue screen. I stumbled upon WinSetupfromUSB somewhere on the net, and it seems like exactly the thing I need.

I've had lots of positive experiences using the WinXP-internal repair installation in the past, and since I have a lot of important data on my Windows partition, I'm reluctant to format and re-install everything. Unfortunately, the repair installation feature seems to be missing from the WinSetupfromUSB-generated installation menu, probably either because it is not supported or my existing installation is not found by the setup.

Is there a way to configure WSfromUSB to recognize my existing installation and offer me the repair installation feature?

Thanks a lot in advance,



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Have a look at this topic:


In latest version of the program boot.ini line about USB repair is not present due to the number of complains about a second entry in the boot menu.

Should put it as selectable option in the GUI, but haven't gotten time for that yet.


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