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Updating the unattended guide

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I apologize for the cross-post in the Win7, Vista, and XP unattended sections, but a few of us are working on updating the MSFN unattended site with a polished, updated guide that will apply to XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, Windows 7, and Server 2008 R2. It's of course nowhere near ready, but in the meantime I'm posting random bits (some parts polished, others maybe not so much) to my personal blog in the meantime to bridge the gap. Since the XP unattended guide has gone fairly unchanged since 2004, we thought it time to update the content to include the newer operating systems as well. Please take a look, comment, pass the link along if it's good, etc. We're always open for comments and suggestions.
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I'd just like to say thanks. I've been limping along with nlite, ryanvm's packs (actually the other user created ones since he stopped updating in january) and BTS for awhile. I used to feel like I could have applications addons and get them to work but I gave up on that awhile ago after having too many issues and not wanting to make my own installers for each program to keep them up to date.

Even just using nLite, update-packs and BTS packs is getting messy for me. I cant tell you how many times I've installed after agonizing over every option I thought was relevant only to find windows acting in a quirky manner. Right now off my latest install (maybe 2 weeks ago) with system restore disabled Unreal tournament 2004 randomly broke itself, Steam thinks it has been uninstalled and every other time I boot up trillian prompts me with people from MSN adding me to their friends list that I've already said "ok" to.



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great timing i have been away for a while now, looking forward to the new content to help me get back into the scene

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I will say first that I came across this guide by accident and it is fantastic. Well written and well illustrated so that even someone not that experienced in Windows can follow it. One thing concerning the pdf version. There are some pages that seem to be out of sequence and need to be regenerated.

Starting at document Page 42 which is the second page of "Drivers via CD":

That 2nd page of "Drivers via CD" is followed by the 1st page of "SATA/RAID Drivers". That 1st page is then followed by the 3rd page of "Drivers via CD". That 3rd (and last) page of "Drivers via CD" is then followed by a page from "presetup.cmd" - I think its the 1st. That page is then followed by the 2nd (and last) page of "SATA/RAID Drivers". After that is another page from "presetup.cmd" - I think its the 2nd (and last).




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this would be great. I usally rebuild my discs after ms has a 100 updates or whenever there is 200 megs of updates whicheever one is the last.

Rebuilding usually takes 3-4 weaks testing everything making sure all my software works one at a time then all at once.

If there are new gret tricks they would be gretly appreicated.


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First my thanks to MSFN for all the great work that is being done here by really selfless people. I learned to make an unattended CD/DVD through the efforts of these tireless people. It simply isn't possible to thank these folks for educating sheer dumb ones like me.
Yes, it is time to give the guide a new and refreshing look, so much as changed over the years and keeps on changing day to day.
Cheers and Regards!



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We're always open for comments and suggestions.

Make the guide visible again ?
I searched the site, guides, Windows section for 10 minutes, I couldn't find it. FinalIy had to use Google to find it!



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It's still accessible from all forum pages, Ponch. It's just buried behind several more clicks than it previously was:

  • Click the Links button at the top-right of the webpage.
  • Click "MSFN Sites" on the following page.
  • Click "Unattended Windows Guide".
  • Click the "Link URL".

In my opinion, gosh's old guide should also be listed under "MSFN Sites". It still contains valuable information.

http://gosh.msfn.org/Besides, it's pointless to have one useful link on a webpage. If you're just going to click-through then combine the page's contents with the page following it, unless it's a legal notice. Burying useful links is not good practice.

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I refer to the guide often, and was very happy to hear of the update to be done. I realize a lot of work and timewould be needed to finish this. I am looking forward to the new guide and would like to ask if you can give a time line or estimate of the release date for the new guide. Thank you in advance for all your time and effort on this great project.

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