Seagate ST3500830AS

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Hello everybody. I' m going slightly mad with this disk:

Seagate Barracuda 7200.10, ST3500830AS, Firmware 3.AAD, 500GB.

The disk is not recognized by BIOS. The only things I'm sure about are: 1) plates are spinning. 2) The connection through serial by Hyperterminal gives me these messages (TX and RX in the right positions, data cable NOT plugged, power cable plugged to Hard Disk):


4096k x 16 DRAM

GALAXY - 1_Disk S-6D 09-22-06_15:48



AT Er 00 Nwt Er 13 RdWr 001dd.03.0006

ATA St 80 Er 01 Op 00 0,0000/0/00,00 01 00

Niwot: 0043e741 14 0043e741.0.0c0 000b 1844 000b 0000

Spare of 0043e744 failed.

If anybody could help me, I'll be so grateful.

Thank you anyway.


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