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Windows System File Integrator. New Release

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New Release.

Here is a new release of WSFI Version 1.0.1?

What is new in Version 1.0.1

Ability to insert your own registry entries directly into the HIVE Files. (Registry)...

This is for inserting Software Registration ect. Not for enterying Registry Tweaks.

Ability to integrate you own modified system files. (ie. Shell32.dll ect)

This will over write the original system files.

Changed the UI layout.

Some code modifications and clean up.

NOTE: You will need .NET 3.5 installed

Click here to download.



Next Release:

1. Integrate Windows DreamScenes.

2. Integrate Windows Vista SideBar.

3. Integrate Alki for applications. (Needed for Windows Vista SideBar)

Plus much more.

If anyone has a perminent home where i could upload WSFI i would be very greatful.


WSFI will allow you to integrate all you Wallpaper, Sound Schemes and Cursors without the need to use the $OEM$ folder.

WSFI will integrate them all into your Windows Source folder.

So what sort of things to expect to be able to do with WSFI?

Here is a list of the things to look forward to as WSFI is developed.

1. Integrate wallpaper directly into your XP source. (Done)

2. Integrate sound schemes directly into your XP source. (Done)

3. Integrate visual style directly into your XP source.

4. Integrate cursors directly into you XP source. (Done)

5. Change the location of the My Documents folder. (Done) Not Tested

6. Change the location of the Documents and Settings Folder. (Done) Not Tested

7. Insert registry tweaks directly into XP Hive files.

8. Insert your own registry settings like (Serials for your programs) directly into XP's Hive files. (Done) NEW

9. Remove some of XP's components.

10. Remove useless folders (Online Services ect).

11. Integrate Modified System Files. (Done) NEW

This will stop the need of using the $OEM$ folder and eventually stop the need of using .Reg files.



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