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What makes Office 2003 better than 97?

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I used to like 2003 but that was only when I was more enhusiastic (or whatever its spelled)
but now I like 2007/2010 more for simple reason which is same reason why ribbon was made:

I'm too lazy to digg through bunch of either hidden tools/toolbars to find some simple thing

and/or the UI is mess

then I realised I only liked 97 like UI coz I started in school on it, and naturally xp - 2003 followed

but as said UI sucks big time and even if user can set toolbars to his liking and make it somewhat

complete set of needed tools in 2 rows (well maybe now on wide screen it would be 1 row)

I just cannot be arsed to set it all up, so its easier to simply go with mouse through tabbed UI and click things :P

the only thing that annoys me on 2007/2010 is stupid positioning of File menu and Save/undo buttons - that is so retarded

oh yes and the gigantic size (install) is also retarded

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