This is a project thread to create and deploy the WinPE 2.0 GimageX COM based HTA with WinPE 3-4 x64 from WDS. Update: Minimal changes needed for WinPE4 build, see here. I will be using v7.1 version of the program as v9.0 and v9.1 are not functioning enough to use. If anyone wants to try making them work properly, I can add them into this project. See the following resource: Last available versions Version 7.1 :: download Version 7.3 :: download from SkyDrive Version 7.4 Beta Server HTA :: post First, this is not a tutorial regarding how to set up the WDS on Server 2008. No questions regarding PXE or WDS errors will be permitted in this thread, only ones relating to the creation of the PE and actual use/behaviour of the HTA in the (booted) PE. Some of these instructions may be used to create this on a DVD, CD or a UFD if a network boot is not an option for you. The specifics of converting this to those methods are not permitted. If you have a question relating to this project but falls into the "non-permitted" category (outlined above), please make a new thread and refer to this topic. This tutorial also uses the following constants. The Server being deployed from is Server 2008 Standard x64. I am also using the OPK Tools, and not the Windows AIK. As a result of these two things, the paths used in the examples below may be incorrect in your case. You may be using the AIK, or your program may have been installed into Program Files (x86). You need to be aware of these differences if they apply to you and adjust your commands appropriately. I am also using the RTM version of the OPK Tools for Windows 7 Enterprise/Server 2008 R2. There may be slight differences from the WAIK, or Release Candidate versions that I am not aware of. If a specific command is not working for you, check what you typed and then check to see if the commands I am using are valid for your version.