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Seagate (SD35) firmware update file brinks-3d6h-sd3b.iso

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Hello Everyone,

I was able to recover my harddisk with following details from the BUSY (aka BSY) error by using the USB to TTL method of issuing serial ATA commands to the PCB. Its working fine now and have backed up all the data.

Seagate Barracuda 7200.11
Model: ST31000333AS
S/N : 6TE08QZ5
P/N: 9FZ136-568
Firmware: SD35
Date Code: 09204
Site Code: SU
PCB (printed on right corner of PCB) : 100512588 Rev A

However it still needs a firmware update which is not yet posted on the seagate website for drives with firmware SD35.

Can anyone provide me with the firmware file, you can upload it to any sharing host or can directly email me on hyper.escape@gmail.com. The file I am looking for is " brinks-3d6h-sd3b.iso ". I have already done it for my other drives so I know the procedure.

It would be a great help and I would be thankful

Once again, Thank you everyone for this ground breaking tremendous effort to research and offer a practical remedy thousands of people like us.


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Hello AquaFire,

Unfortunatly I can't answer your question but ...
in a way, I'm happy to know that you solved your BSY problem : apparently I got it too.
And when I get the Seagate support on the phone this afternoon they told me that my Hard Drive
isn't on the official list , ie with firmware SD15. So if I want them to de-lock my HD it will cost
about 1000 euros !!! And I really don't understand why : it seems to be exactly the same pb than
for the SD15 one.

So, I searched on the net for Barracuda 7200.11 SD35 and I found your post on this forum.
I feel a little less sad and a bit more hopefully this evening 'cause you told you recovered your data.

Well, for now, I miss a screwdriver and a CA-42 cable but when I get it, now, I know there's a chance
for me to get my data back.
Do you have any advice for me before I begin the process ? Is the method exactly the same than for
the SD15 firmware ?Is there any modification (in the command via terminal for instance) ?
And so, did you finally get the brinks-3d6h-sd3b.iso you were searching for ?

Thanks for your experience and your answer.


My Hd spec:
Barracuda 7200.11
P/N : 9FZ136-568
Firmware : SD35
Date Code : 09222
Site Code: SU




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Hello AquaFire, I think I have the same problem with my hard disk, these are the details from it:

Barracuda 7200.11
S/N : ------------
P/N : 9FZ136-336
Firmware : SD35
Date Code : 09217
Site Code: TK

My hard disk is not recognized by the bios, it only does a spin-up, followed by head movements sounds and spin down noise and then back to the beginning...

So, what is the USB to TTL method of issuing serial ATA commands to the PCB? What do I need?




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This is the last post by Aquafire, I doubt he comes back 3 months later to answer you when no one has given him a direct answer. You should read the sticky posts, three of them are about your problem.




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Followed the procedure mentioned in the first post on :


Hope it helps, as it worked out for me.

New firmware is located at :

http://rapidshare.co...s-3D6H-SD3B.ISO (Burn to a CD and boot with it with only affected drive connected to the internal SATA, if it applied it will update)


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