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Almost unattend Vista /Windows 7

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We are using Windows Xp at the moment and Windows Deployment Services and Imagex/ Winpe.

I configure a Windowsxp machine then start sysprep and shutdown the machine. Make a image. Restore the image and then sysprep asks which pcnumber it must have and start a batchfile which cleans the system. This is arranged in sysprep.inf also the domain name and the drivers are in sysprep.inf.

I have read som stuff about imaging Windows Vista / 7 but then i use sysprep only for the change of SID and al the autoation is be done with a unattend.xml file. I would like a start how i can roll out the images to clients so that WDS / xml files is taking over the sysprep configuration settings. Where to start?

The procedure for imaging WindowsXp or Vista are completely different, but i would like to do the same things as with Windows xp.

Is it the same when i:

Make a unattend.xml with wsim (from the standard vista.wim) and connect it to the install image.

In this xml configure the: connect to domain, join the right OU in AD, set the keyboard and language settings

configure a client

Run sysprep on the clients with the generalize command and shutdown, make the image and roll out that image to the clients which then starts the unattend.xml?

Run a batchfile which copy's files thru??


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