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Unable to map network drives

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Bishop    0

Hello all,

I hope you can help me as my problem is starting to evolve towards a frustrative level.

Since I've decided to move out and live on my own I finally can arrange my network and computers as I see fit.

I've bought a Linksys WRT320n router and configured it. Anything I did not understand I either looked up or left unchanged. The network functions fine, both the WAN and LAN. It's encrypted and not broadcasting it's SSID. The workgroup that all computers are in is called Jarvis.

Now, I simply want to map a networkdrive to my laptop. It's running Windows XP Home.

So,.. I map a network drive eg \\Anor\d$ Like I've always done.

As a username and password I fill in the Anor\username and my administrator password. They are the same on both machines.

It does not work.

It tells me it cannot connect because it cannot be found. It tell's me to check the spelling. This is the same when I enter the IP adress instead of the laptops name.

This is exactly the same when trying to connect to my g/f's laptop which is a Windows Vista Home Premium system.

I've checked the settings and they firewall both allow file and printer sharing.

I have the feeling I am overlooking something. The thought that my router is blocking it for some reason has crossed my mind aswell, although I have not heard of this before.

Any idea's I can try?

Thanks in advance,


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