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"You should defragment this volume." [SOLVED]

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I defragmented using XP's utility. Then if I run "analyze" again it still says "You should defragment this volume." Here's the report:

Volume XP-1 (C:)

Volume size = 298 GB

Cluster size = 4 KB

Used space = 14.04 GB

Free space = 284 GB

Percent free space = 95 %

Volume fragmentation

Total fragmentation = 11 %

File fragmentation = 23 %

Free space fragmentation = 0 %

File fragmentation

Total files = 33,749

Average file size = 493 KB

Total fragmented files = 2

Total excess fragments = 17

Average fragments per file = 1.00

Pagefile fragmentation

Pagefile size = 2.00 GB

Total fragments = 1

Folder fragmentation

Total folders = 2,498

Fragmented folders = 1

Excess folder fragments = 0

Master File Table (MFT) fragmentation

Total MFT size = 59 MB

MFT record count = 36,359

Percent MFT in use = 59 %

Total MFT fragments = 2

I can defragment again and again but volume fragmentation remains in the double digits, but there are NO files listed as fragmented. What's going on?

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there are NO files listed as fragmented

Total fragmented files = 2

*that seems contradictory

since it appears to be estimating @ 3.23GB of fragmented space caused by 2 files: do you have a full system backup sitting on the C or did you copy all the cab files over with your install?

Maybe some other very large file it cant touch (encrypted files maybe a DB backup, seems too small a number of files with a large footprint to be restore points)


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aaaah good catch, the hibernation file was in 2 fragments. I used Sysinternals pagedfrg.exe and it's fixed -- thank you!

I had made a change to UMA+sideport memory in BIOS and maybe Windows re-adjusted hibernation file to match total memory(?)


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I would rather recommend a third party software for optimal defragmentation. For Windows XP, SmartDefrag from is recommended. You install it, set it to auto, and forget about defragmentation. Even during a manual scan, it does not slow down the machine - a problem with XP's default defragmentation program.

For pagefile defragmentation, you can use PageDefrag.

Ever since I installed these two on my machine, I never had any problems with HDD speed.

Check them out - you'll be a happy user. :)


Best Regards,


Twitter: @DreamsCentral

Signed: Saturday, October 31, 2009, 12:14:29 AM IST


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