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unattended wifi settings

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hello everyone,

I have created a windows 7 unattended and all is working well, this website has been a great help in doing so. I have hit a snag though in trying to automatically setup the wireless settings in windows 7. I have looked and just can’t seem to find any information to automate it.
What I want is a script similar to what zwlancfg( http://www.engl.co.u...ncfg/index.html ) does, which I used in XP, but they have since removed this from freeware.
Or is it possible to do it in the unattend.xml?
Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

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If the version you have still works then you can probably run it in a runsynchronous cmd during oobeSystem or in setupcomplete.cmd. Don't see too many settings for that in xml but I haven't ever set one up either

EDIT: Most those settings are placed in the registry so export a file and import it be best shot and easy,
Grab the Installwatchpro here and track the changes made and export the reg.

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I have discovered a solution and figured I may as well post it for others.

I had a friend email me a newer version of the freeware zwlancfg, version 2.1

It works in windows 7, but you need to use the import and export profile feature if you want the wireless profile to have auto conenction working.
I also had to run the exe in compatability mode for vista, but it still seems to work fine.

Attached the program

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This worked for me.



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So, how do we convert the old links like
to the format the board uses now?



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to the post itself or:

to the whole thread.

They just work.



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Sourced from elsewhere though works well in W7 x86 & 64 bit.

1. Get a computer that has the wireless lan configurations
2. run this command (may need to be admin): netsh wlan export profile folder="PATH_TO_FOLDER" name=PROFILENAME
3. That created an XML file
4. Create a batch file
5. type this into the batch file: netsh wlan add profile filename="\XMLFILE.XML" user=all
6. Edit the XML file: Where it says <protected> </protected> change it to say <protected>false</protected> and put the key between the <keyMaterial>ENTER YOUR KEY HERE</keyMaterial>
7. Make sure you put into the post installation command to run the batch file that you created (i.e. c:\wirelesslan\RUNME.BAT)

Hope this helps?

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Some additions
Get your wifi and IP Settings.
** Not needed when using DHCP **

netsh wlan show profiles
to show all profiles

If you want to see the details of your profiles, use this command:
netsh wlan show all

export profile
netsh wlan export profile folder="PATH_TO_FOLDER" name=PROFILENAME

Import profile
netsh wlan add profile filename="PATH_AND_FILENAME.xml" Interface="Wireless Network Connection"

export all profiles
netsh wlan export profile folder="%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" key=clear
The key=clear is to get a readable WiFi password

netsh -c interface dump > c:\ip-settings.txt
to save your ip settings. IP gateway DNS etc etc

Then in a script

netsh wlan add profile filename="WiFi-ABC.xml" Interface="Wireless Network Connection"
netsh wlan add profile filename="WiFi-XYZ.xml" Interface="Wireless Network Connection"
netsh wlan add profile filename="WiFi-SOMEONE.xml" Interface="Wireless Network Connection"
netsh wlan add profile filename="WiFi-ERROR-404.xml" Interface="Wireless Network Connection"
netsh exec "ip-settings.txt"

netsh IP Settings
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