missing srr.exe file in win XP home edition

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I create the new account and there is no this error when I login to this new account .
LOL, or you could just use the new account, whatever it is only seems to be only affecting your old account. Very easy to copy your Favorites, My Docs, and Desktop into your new account, most of your applications should not give you any issues, if they do, a quick re-install/repair will fix them.

Otherwise, maybe look at your activex controls, do you recognize these websites and trust them ??

O16 - DPF: {8DE6AB9C-8C62-486B-8C06-5C9AD6FD06F1} (DataStore Class) -

O16 - DPF: {BB21F850-63F4-4EC9-BF9D-565BD30C9AE9} (a-squared Scanner) -

Attach a hijack this from your new account and we can compare new list against the old list and only check the things not on the new list.

I attach the log of hijack in this post ....

hijackthis.log.txt == the log with error "missing srr.exe file "

hijackthis_new.txt == the log with new user account without err "missing srr.exe file "

Pleae advice what I can fix ???




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Uninstall your "Internet Accelarator. Those types of programs are usually don't help unless you are on dialup.

O4 - Startup: SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator.lnk = C:\Program Files\CBS Software\SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator\speedconnectstartup .exe

If not that, then uninstall Microspell, that is the other one it could be. Both of these are in the old list, but not in the new list.

Report back.

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