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Guys vs. Men

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Men: know what they want to be doing five years down the road.

Guys: are not sure what they want to be doing later tonight.

Men: read Crichton, watch Rather, play golf.

Guys: read King, watch Seinfeld, play poker.

Men: wear ties with stripes, shirts with buttons, and shoes with laces.

Guys: wear high school T-shirts they've actually owned since high school.

Men: think perfume (yours) is a turn-on.

Guys: think sweat (theirs) is a turn-on.

Men: balance their checkbooks.

Guys: balance their loans so that they never hit up the same buddy twice in a row.

Men: claim to be feminist but still insist on opening doors, driving, and paying for dinner.

Guys: claim to be feminists so they can let YOU open doors, drive, and pay for dinner.

Men: are afraid of becoming their fathers.

Guys: are afraid of becoming men.

Men: put you on the phone when their mothers call.

Guys: pretend you're not there when their moms call.

Men: start their own businesses.

Guys: quit their jobs.

Men: are experts on women's erogenous zones.

Guys: are experts on their own erogenous zone.

Men: order wine based on more than the price.

Guys: bring their own beer.


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LoL ! whom do you think are better... Man or Guys :whistle:


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