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Can I make a iso with nLite that still gives repair install option

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I made a few test runs today. I need to make a version that still gives me the option for recovery console and even the repair install.

Everything I tried has unattended mode set to yes. Thus, I do not have the option to do the repair install. I do not have the recovey option either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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The option in the unattended section you are looking for are these ones:


Provide defaults to show all including the EULA (need to press F8)

Prompt repair (the name says it all)


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I solved this problem by using this guide:

[How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

And creating a boot entry for "Windows XP Pro Install" and "Windows XP Pro Repair". Winnt.sif is called from a different directory than the i386 directory and you can use this to create two boot directories, "PROI" and "PROR" for example, which both target the same i386 install source. Put your unattended winnt.sif in the PROI folder, and put a default or no winnt.sif in the PROR folder. Delete the winnt.sif from the i386 folder.

EDIT: I did not check the post date on this before posting, I came across it and struggled with this for a while and did not realize I was bumping something so old.

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