Portable Windows 7 build from Winpe 3.0

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I am sharing my file list for extreme removal. You can add "copy" lines and make a batch file and easly create your own file list to build PE. (Change your language with tr-TR). You can build your WinPE with WinPeSE and extreme remove unneeded files.

Wireless icon needs some more files (Shouldn't be more then a few)
Search function can be need one or two file (Searches only in start menu and shows wrong result. mssvp.dll or prn001f.dll something like that files maybe need.)
There are all files needed to login as Administrator.
There are extra 5mb files for my extra programs. You can remove them.
%70 control panel works.
Supports x86 programs.

You can delete dism folder to save space.
Smaller then nanoserver.
It is x64 10586 Windows 10 PE with 296Mb boot.wim size.


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