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Diskeeper 7 Lite nuisances (with w98se)

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I installed Diskeeper 7 Lite

(v. 7.0.4180L)

supposedly it's the latest version for w98se

It turns itself on at the darndest times ...

often when I'm in the middle of other sensitive disk-intensive tasks

I don't like that ...

but, I can't figure out how to DE-schedule it

how to tell it, don't come on, until I start it

anyone know how to do that

when I double click the desk icon,

a Management Console or something comes up first

what's that?

thanks ...


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Hi Molecule,

I share your point of view - it's trash !

A few years ago (when I didn't know enough my computer), I had strange experiences when it (I finally managed to track it down) suddenly sent enormous amounts of information to ... where ??? (You can hear it when it sends the information, your computer is working without you doing something).

Kind regards



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I think you're right about that

I'm on dialup and whenever DiskeeperLite comes on,

the bytes sent on my modem icon jumps up to megabytes

arghhh ... Norton is so predatory as well


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My understanding is that the same functionality of diskeeper 7 can be found in the defrag program for Windows ME. Defrag and scandisk from Windows ME can also be used in Windows 98. Download from http://www.mdgx.com/upd98me.php (See "SCANFRAG" under "4-4-2009 Update".


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