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Integrating addons into RIS

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Hi all,

After digging my a** off @ Google for an answer, I've thrown the white towel and came here for an answer =).

I would like to integrate DP's drivers into my RIS image, but for some reason i cannot get it to work.

I'm using:

- DP Base 8.12.5

- RVM Integrator 1.6.1 beta 2.1 (Is this really the newest?)

- Autoimage 0.9.8

While i managed to integrate the update pack(latest post-sp3 QFE) and 2 add-ons packs( wmp11 & ie8 + updates by yum), the DP doesn't get integrated.

I got about 90% of all the drivers i need and use, but I would like to have the other 10% covered by a DP so i wont waste time.

I've read somewhere that DP cannot be integrated into an existing RIS image. If that's the case, how would i do it? Create a new one and slipstream it with nlite?

Any help would be appreciated.


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