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Question about tweaks

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I want to apply some tweaks in my unattended dvd but I cannot find what the registry entries must be.

The tweaks I am looking are:

1)add run command in start menu

2)make the icons of the taskbar small

3)show more details when windows shutting down


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You can add this Tweak:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



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A method to create your own Registry tweaks is to use a program like RegShot. I use the one here, but there may be more. I have used it on my XP x64 and my W7 x64 systems. I simply open RegShot, take Shot One, then make a change, then take Shot Two. The program compares the two and displays the changes necessary. Sometime I use it just to lead me to the appropriate key, then I export it and use in my next install. Enjoy, John.


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