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[Solved] FreeDOS questions

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I'm attempting to setup FreeDOS, so I can play some older DOS games. What I seem to be having a problem with is that there's no sound.

This is my FDCONFIG.SYS:


!SET lang=EN






!set dircmd=/ogn /4



MENU 1 - Load FreeDOS with EMM386, no EMS (most UMBs), max RAM free

MENU 2 - Load FreeDOS with EMM386+EMS and SHARE

MENU 3 - Load FreeDOS including HIMEM XMS-memory driver

MENU 4 - Load FreeDOS without drivers






123?DEVICEHIGH=C:\FDOS\bin\xcdrom.sys /C:FDCD0001

123?DEVICEHIGH=C:\FDOS\bin\cdrcache.sys FDCD0001 CDRCACH0 15000




SHELLHIGH=C:\FDOS\bin\command.com C:\FDOS\bin /E:1024 /P=C:\autoexec.bat

123?INSTALLHIGH=C:\FDOS\bin\lbacache.com 15000 TUNS

Only the first 3 options are available:

"MENU 1 - Load FreeDOS with EMM386, no EMS (most UMBs), max RAM free"

"MENU 2 - Load FreeDOS with EMM386+EMS and SHARE"

"MENU 3 - Load FreeDOS including HIMEM XMS-memory driver"

Do I need all of these?

Would someone be able to give me a basic config.sys, and autoexec.bat, that'd work in general?

And... one more thing. this PC is a Trigem Cognac, Pentium Celeron 667, with no sound card. I believe it uses AC'97 audio, which isn't Sound Blaster compatible.

Is there any way I could get sound in DOS games that require SB audio, like maybe through some type of emulation drivers?


Nevermind, I just went out and bought a used, working, FM sound card.

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