Reserved Characters in File Paths

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Why not use Unicode's "Private use characters" to display reserved characters in file paths.

Regular fonts would be used, but Windows could replace certain Unicode characters without glyphs and display them with the glyphs of reversed characters, like the question mark (?).

Otherwise, will Windows ever change it's file system to allow these characters?

Seems kind of an outdated limitation. I know why it exists in the first place but won't there EVER be quotes or question marks under Windows?

It's there a better solution, present or future?


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Some of them are able to be used if you use the ASCII code. There was one code that did get updated when XP came out, and that was the Delete code is now "ignored" by Windows. In Windows 98, if you put the Delete code in a file or folder name, you couldn't open or delete the file from Explorer, only could do things in the command prompt. I am guessing the reason why they still don't let you use those reserved characters is because Windows is still based on the command interpreter, which isn't smart enough to know anything about fonts.


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