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Several days ago my desktop shortcut icons got re-arranged into a grid allignment. Now they are frozen in that position. I have go to the properties for Allign Icons By and taken the next group and tried all the different combinations. Align to Grid and Auto Arrange are both un-checked. None of the others (name/size/type/modified) are checked either. All the shortcuts work.. I just can not place them into workable groups via drag/drop ... What's up??

Thank you



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1. If you're running a limited ("guest"/"client") user account, you need to upgrade to an administrative [administrator/sysadmin] or "Power User" [only if using XP Home] type account.

2. After logging with administrative privileges, make sure your policies [maybe changed by another user, if more than 1 user share the same machine, or by some program/tweaker] are not restricting Desktop icons display, creation, layout etc. System policies/restrictions how-to:

To change policies the MS "recommended" way [administrator account + XP Pro or XP Pro install CD-ROM required if using XP Home], you can always use gpedit.msc [MMC snap-in] tool: Start -> Run... -> gpedit.msc -> Enter/OK -> User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Desktop -> make sure all desktop icons settings are allowed.

3. To make sure your Desktop icons stay the way you want at all times, install Layout.dll [free from MS]:

and you may also wanna try this:



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