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Changed page to highlight MSFN topics as well. You can recommend some by replying to this topic.

Note: These pages may not display correctly unless you use Internet Explorer.

Windows 7 Deployment

Deploying Windows 7 Essential Guidance from the Windows 7 Resource Kit and TechNet Magazine (Microsoft Download Center)

Installing Windows 7 on an Existing Windows XP Computer (TechNet)

Scenario: Service an Online Image (TechNet)

Technet Windows 7 Deployment Learning Portal

Understanding Servicing Strategies (TechNet)

Windows 7 Upgrade and Migration Guide (TechNet)

Hotfix for Non-standard-ASCII characters in Computer Name (Microsoft Support)

Building a Standard Image of Windows 7: Step by Step Guide (TechNet)

How to create an OEM folder (MSFN)

Methods for Running Windows Setup (TechNet)

Work with Answer Files in Windows SIM (TechNet)

Change a User Tile with Setupcomplete.cmd (MSFN)


Application Compatibility Toolkit

Compatibility Administrator - Video (TechNet)

Getting Started with the Application Compatibility Toolkit - Video (TechNet)

Inside the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5 (TechNet Magazine)

Using the Sdbinst.exe Command-Line Tool (TechNet)



DISM Step By Step - Video (TechNet Edge)

DISM Command-Line Options (TechNet)

Prepare and Service Windows Images Using the New DISM Tool (TechNet Magazine)

Right-Click WIM menu for Win7 + WAIK (MSFN)



Imagex Command-Line Options (TechNet)


Microsoft Deployment Toolkit

MDT TimeZoneName and TimeZone list (myitforum)

MDT - Lite Touch (TechNet) video

MDT - Building Windows 7 Install Media (TechNet) video



Add or Remove System MSIs or Packages Online with OCSetup (TechNet)

OCSetup Command-Line Options (TechNet)


User State Migration Tool

ScanState Syntax (TechNet)

Step-by-Step: Basic Windows Migration using USMT for IT Professionals (TechNet)

User State Migration Tool 4.0 User's Guide (TechNet)

What does USMT Migrate? (TechNet)

What's New in USMT 4.0 (TechNet)


Windows Deployment Services

Adding Driver Packages to a Boot Image (TechNet)

Creating Custom Install Images (TechNet)

Creating Discover Images (TechNet)

Windows Deployment Services Getting Started Guide (TechNet)

WDS F11 Server Selection Feature (Deploy Vista)

PoC Jumpstart Kit 3.0 (Microsoft)

Third-Party Tools

GDism ELDI Java and .NET GUI for DISM

StefanRtR's Win-Integrator

Windows 7 Component Remover

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Thanks very much for gathering all these links in 1 place !!

As I begin to read through & study these, I'm impressed by just how much information is available,

even though it does require to RTFM - Microsoft style !

and it seems that many, including myself, come to MSFN as hobbyists &/or "filesharers", probably not employed in I.T.,

and typically wanting everything to be handed on a silver platter, and getting p***ed if/when it isn't !

so, as I read, make notes, & dL the available video tutorial-presentations,

then "suddenly" a whole LOT more begins to make sense,

and I also appreciate even more, the creative efforts of so many of the people here who code various GUI apps

to make the strict/traditional command line I.T. approach "clickable".

still, if a hobbyist is willing to invest the time to "S"TFM ("Study" TFM),

slowly but surely they'll begin to gain the same knowledge of the employed I.T. pro -

it's available to anyone willing to pay the price of effort & persistence thru the frustration ;)


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Added link to WDS F11 Server Selection:

Basically you add additional WDS Servers into your main WDS screen. The only thing you should configure in the additional servers is to specify the AD Server to make things faster. Then when you PXE boot a client, you are given the option to press F11 to select between deployment servers, or press F12 to boot off the primary server. This only works on Server 2008 R2. I have tested it out and seems to work.


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Unless you're forbidden from doing so, even Microsoft recommends using at least MDT to do most of this. I know a lot of actual OEMs cannot, but otherwise use MDT if you're doing a lot of building of machines and software ;).


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