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I am trying to install xp from usb after booting with pe but i can not get it to work and here is what i did

I prepared my xpsp3 source on drive c and i tried to create a pe using lx77rc2cbw.exe but i keep getting errors on its log so i downloade xp live iso, then i copied from the iso file setupldr.bin and ramdisk.sys to USB_XP_Setup\makebt\srsp1 folder.

i then started Make_USB.exe and pointed to both xp source and iso file downloaded and both are on c drive, i then started BOOT_IMG.exe and pointed to the iso file location and got overwrite files message and choosed overwrite(knowing that something is wrong),any how i rebooted using usb but i does not enter pe environment.

so i was hoping to point out faults in what i did


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i downloade xp live iso
is not a legal copy of Windows and therefore you will not get help with this;

Second, your topic title is not clear at all. But, you would have known all that if you read the forum rules http://www.msfn.org/...tion=boardrules


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First sorry for starting with the wrong innuendo, and as you might have read i tried to build my own live xp but it does not work, i used winbuilder to create it but every time it report errors in its log and i have attached the log file if you are interested.

Second and to make it clear all i am trying to do is to learn how to build my own pe environment and install xp using U-XP-SET



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