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Need help to make my own multiboot dvd

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I'm new in this forum and this is my first topic,

i collect a lot of images "ISO" (anti virus, utilities, XPe, win7pe, linux os ....)

and i want to create my own multiboot DVD but i'm a little confused

There are a lot of tools (syslinux, grub4dos, bcdw ).

Is there any one can help me . (the principle steeps to follow)

thanks :lol:


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Is there any one can help me .

YES. :)

But you need to take your own choices, since you are a newbie, probably a good start would be to forget about syslinux and grub4dos "direct use" (BCDW is not anymore supported/developed since years and is NOT the "right" choice - though it still can be useful from time to time) and go for a pre-made tool:



seems like the right one for you (and it uses both Syslinux and grub4dos - so that you can analyze what it does and learn from it)

Version 2 was just released:




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Yes, I've testing SARDU it's a good program, just you click make ISO and it's done, but my objective is to create and manage my menu list

and there are some utilities not supported by SARDUCD, thanks


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Then go here:


read, and learn.

I personally find grub4dos:


(please READ ALL the stickies in the above FIRST THING)

more flexible/logic than Syslinux/Isolinux/Memdisk:


but since they can be easily cross-chainloaded, the best choice is to choose whichever you like best (and use the other only for something fro which the one you chose is not working).

Please, do not use that bolded character, it''s not needed, won't grant you ANY more attention, and will soon make someone fed up, compare with Rule Guideline #11:




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