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Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [3.3.1 PreFinal]

[FIXED] Fixed handling of security catalog file *. Cat (CatalogFile). Sometimes, the program could not be considered an option from the inf-file

[FIXED] Fixed the error of localization service messages, the choice of language programs through the interface

[FIXED] Fixed localization of certain elements of the interface

[ADDED] Added ability to change the name of the archive before you begin. 3 options available:

- In the name of the archive, in default, the name of the computer

- In the name of the archive, in default, the computer model

- A custom template that supports the predefined macros:

%PCName% - name of the computer

%PCModel% - model of the computer/motherboard

%OSVer% - operating system version

%OSBit% - bit operating system

%OSDate% - the current date

[ADDED] Added a partial translation into Spanish (Thanks OscurPoet)

[ADDED] Added Ukrainian translation (thanks Vsirf and samsobi)

[ADDED] Added Czech translation (thanks Tron)

[ADDED] Added a partial translation into Turkish language (Thanks TiXTOR)

[CHANGED] Changed some interface elements

[CHANGED] In the language files (*. Lng) added parameter that determines the code page - "Charset". This parameter is required for the correct display of text in a cell, unsupported Unicode. For example, for Russian Windows codepage 1251, and, accordingly, "Charset = 1251".

[CHANGED] All language files are converted to Unicode, for a correct display of text.

[CHANGED] Updated the modified SFX-module by Oleg Scherbakov ( to version

[CHANGED] Removed dependency on the control tabctl32.ocx (respectively, the file is removed from the resources of the program and register the component is removed at startup)

[CHANGED] Lots of other changes to the interface and the program code, all I unfortunately do not remember


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Thanks for this. I went to your forum to get the DL link for the companion Drivers Installer Assistant and the links did not work for me. Could you reup to MediaFire?

Cheers and Regards

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Many Thanks!

Cheers and Regards


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Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [3.4.10 Final]

[CHANGED] Improved search for drivers on Windows Vista and higher, due to changes in the principle of the catalog DriverStore.

[CHANGED] Refined components of the progress bar and status bar, Lots of internal optimizations of the program.

[CHANGED] Updated Spanish (Thanks OscurPoet)

[ADDED] Added handling of missing sections. Coinstallers.

[ADDED] Improved software to correctly identify and work on Windows 8.

[FIXED] Fixed handling of sections CopyFiles - driver files in the distribution may be with different names than after installation.

[FIXED] It is considered the correct sizing of form elements when the form is resized for Windows Vista and above.

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I'm always getting stop working error on Drivers BackUp Solution [3.4.10 Final] every time I execute the Backup Button, here is my Screenshot :


And here is my log file :

I never get this kind of error when using the previous version of DPS.

Note : I have tried this on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit & 64 bit, both giving the same error, DPS Stop Working.

Please take a look at this error, waiting forward for your solution.

Edited by wiryawang

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Changes to the Drivers BackUp Solution [3.9.21 Stable Beta]

[FIXED] Fixed a bug with the crash of the program when you click "Backup".

[ADDED] Implemented functionality for working with the command line. Now, the program provides the following initial options:

• "/?", "/h", "-h", "-help", "/help" - display the Help window;

• "/extractdll[:path]" - extract files from program to the specified directory, if a directory is specified, the recovery is a temporary location;

• "/regdll" - registration of software components (dll and ocx).

[CHANGED] The names of subfolders when the backup is no longer contain spaces.

[CHANGED] Minor changes in the interface window "Options".

[CHANGED] Optimization of the program code.

[CHANGED] Updated the modified SFX-module (Oleg Shcherbakov to version Beta.

[CHANGED] Updated Archiver 7za (Igor Pavlov to version 9.22 Beta.


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