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I just had my hard drive begin doing the click of death and it would not boot up. It is only about 8 months old. I ordered an Identical Hard drive, (Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3750528AS 750 GB Internal Hard Drive 7200 rpm) to replace the clicking one. They both are SATA.

My qustion is this: When I install the new hard drive, will I be able to use the System restore disks I made when I bought the computer? I made 1 System Restore for Windows 7 64 bit, 1 Complete backup new, and 3 DVD set of Factory defaults. Since the hard drive is same brand and specs?

I have never had to replace the hard drive inb any of my computers before and I am just wondering how I will get the Windows 7 64 bit loaded onto it? I was not sent an Installation disk when I bought the computer, But, I did make all of the reccomended disks before using it. The original hard drive had the windows 7 loaded onto it. I also would like any advice on how to get software and info from clicking hard drive that will not boot up?

Thanks so much for any answers you might give.

My System is an eMachine ET1331G-03w

AMD Athlon 11x2 235e Dual core processor

750 HD 6GB DDR2 Memory


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will I be able to use the System restore disks I made when I bought the computer?

Most probably, yes. You need to physically plug the new to both cables/connectors of the old drive, then start from your restore disks.

To start from the restore disks, you need to restart and immediately (well, after 2 seconds) press F12 on you keyboard to have the Boot Menu, or Boot Device Option.

That option is available on most recent computers. If you get a menu to boot from cdrom or dvd, insert the disk in the drive, wait for it to spin and choose the option.

If you don't have the option, you'll have to hit an other key at startup, the one that allows you to get into Bios (F2 or Del) and find your way into startup options, allowing to boot from optical drive. You'll want to rechange that to boot from hard drive first after your recovery process is done.

As for your data recovery, we'll need more info, beginning with the fact if the old drive is still detected by Bios or not (if your starting screen shows any hardware listing, that should be easy to answer).


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