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Switch operated from a program

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Hi Every one

Situation is:
I use a switch box to connect 1 keyboard, mouse, and monitor to 2 PC's. To switch between either PC I have to press "Ctrl+Ctrl+1 or 2" depending on which PC I want.

What i want to know, is it possible to do this process by double clicking an icon on the desktop:

Icon on PC 1 will let me switch to PC 2 and vice versa.

Hope I haven't confused anyone, Thanks for any help

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I was thinking you could do something like a script and use the method SendKeys.

My KVM requires pressing the Scroll Lock twice to switch PC's, but when I tried to do the script it wouldn't work.

I'm not sure, but you could try copying and pasting this into a file and renaming it to *.vbs and then trying it:
set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
WshShell.SendKeys "CTRL^CTRL^1"

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Fuzzy Viking

Fuzzy Viking


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What kind of switch do you use ?

Unless it has some kind of software running on your computer, you have nowhere to send messages using tricks like sendkeys.

Switches typically have 3 ways of switching :

- Front panel button on the switch itself
- Detecting raw keyboard signals from the keyboard cable
- Menu driven app on the PC with some sort of comms going back to the switch.

Unless it has the latter I doubt you can do it programmatically.

It is possible to edit the content of the keyboard buffer :


But as this buffer resides on the PC it would not affect a switch that uses raw signals from the keyboard itself.

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