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I am using Nlite to add F6 drivers to my windows media center cd. It's asking me to add components from cd 2. Once it does so, it's too big to burn. I have seen several posts about deleting tablet pc and languages to make it smaller.

Is there a way I can just add the f6 drivers and NOT add the components in the 1st cd? I don't care about having to put in a 2nd cd, all I care about is adding the intel/F6 drivers.




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Welcome to MSFN.

If you do a little search on the forums, you will find a few posts on exactly which files and folders to copy from the second CD to the first, so nLite won't complain. I'm afraid it's probably the only way.

As for reducing it, YES, there are a few things you can safely remove: tablet PC, languages, keyboards. If you aren't using the CD to upgrade an existing installation, you can also remove Manual Upgrade and Install (40MB). Does that sound good enough? ;)

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