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I've prepared a DVD with an unattended Windows 7 and start adding softwares, I feel quickly cramped.

As Windows 7 as welle as the new softwares are GB sized, I was looking for buiding 2 DVDs, the first will contain Windows 7 (4GB), the second all other softwares.

To pass from the first DVD to the second I needed a DVD switcher. I built CDVD-Switcher. is an AutoIt script, tested, working.

Here how the CDVD-Switcher script will run.

Copy CDVD-Switcher.exe to DVD1 (Windows7) %CDROM%\sources\$OEM$\$$\Setup\scripts\ folder

Add in the Autounattend.xml file the here bellow command. it should be at the last one <Order>last</Order>

<SynchronousCommand wcm:action="add">
<Description>Windows Post Install Wizard</Description>
<CommandLine>cmd /C start /wait c:\Windows\Setup\scripts\CDVD-Switcher.exe</CommandLine>

The DVD2 (softwares) have to be configured as %CDROM%\Software\WPI\WPI.exe unless you modify the path in the script.

That means, during Windows7 installation CDVD-Switcher.exe will be copied in C:\Windows\Setup\scripts\ folder, then

launched from hard drive, testing if the DVD1 has %CDROM%\Software\WPI\WPI.exe file. As is not exists in DVD1 you have to insert DVD2.

That's it



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