2nd Screen with Dell Latitude E6500

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Hi All,

I'm new to Ubuntu. My laptop is Dell Latitude E6500. I've a dock station which I use to expand my monitor to another one (Fujitsu Siemens Computer Gmbh 22&quoticon_wink.gif beside laptop screen. I've tried to to enable it from System->Moinotr-> ON Ubuntu detected it right but it doesn't give any signal to that screen. I dunno what to do? Any ideas!!


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Sometimes you need to log off and log back in again before monitor configuration works.

Other thing to check is which driver you are using. I think by default newer versions of Ubuntu will install the open source drivers, personally I have had more luck with the Nvidia proprietary drivers (assuming that your Dell has Nvidia graphics).

If this simple stuff doesn't help then I strongly suggest that you head over to the Ubuntu Forums and ask some of the experts there. I found a couple of threads that are vaguely relevant (here and here) but as they're not quite the same as your issue you're probably best to start a new thread detailing your hardware (find out what graphics chip etc). Provide links to other threads that seem similar (if you find any) and if you don't get any response then bumping after 24 hrs seems to be acceptable over there.

Good luck


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