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Multiboot XP Losing Unattend

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Hello I am a new user so hello!!

My setup that I have been creating for months are made via Nlite and personal scripting via batch files, I have created a unattend for the following:

* Windows XP Home OEM SP3

* Windows XP Home Retail SP3

* Windows XP Home Upgrade SP3

* Windows XP Pro Corp SP3

* Windows XP Pro OEM SP3

* Windows XP Pro Retail SP3

* Windows XP Pro Upgrade SP3

* Windows XP Media Centre SP3

Now I have created them all with there seperate ISO's.

With my unattend setup it installs:

- All windows update to date (Slipstreamed with SP1/SP2/SP3)

- .net framework packages

- Office 2007 with SP1 and SP2 (unattended)

- Video/Audio codecs

- Zonealarm /AVG

- Windows Plus! Media Edition

- Registry files to correct the keyboard currency location etc...

- Runs Disk Clean up

- Runs Defragmentation

(Note: Windows XP Media Centre was so hard to do because of that rollup 2 thing, but i by passed all that and it all works with sp3 and all updates and everything ;) )

So all the above is processed unattended, so i put the ISO image via VMWARE or on disk on a pc , put it in , leave for for a hour or so and it does all of that on its own.

So, seems really good? I havent got a problem with it , however the problem starts when I merge all editions on 1 disk, I following MagicIsos guide on creating a multiboot ( ) I can get the menu up and working, when it boots when i click on a OS version it loads, then it loses all the unattend to it! It asks me to format the disk etc.... what have I done wrong or what havent I done? I have extracted the boot file from each OS ISO image, I have done the correct folder/file structure, edited the setupldr file to point to the I386 (renamed) in the CD drive also the txtseup.sif, I just dont get it!

It works fine on its own ISO images but when i try do a multiboot it loses the unattend? Please can someone help?


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ok I figured it out, it is a problem with the winnt file, for some reason I had to add a line to repartition automatically? :s although it works fine on the stand alone ISO image, I got past that problem

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