How to create a CDFS and run autorun.inf on a USB Flash stick

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Hello and thank you all for contributing to this topic.

I've been searching for some time now for a solution to my objective and have stumbled upon this, hoping someone here can offer me some guidance.

In summary I want to achieve two things.

a ) run an autorun.inf from a USB Flash stick.

b ) create a CDFS on a USB Flash stick

Some time ago I bought a USB Flash and it had what looked like a CDFS 'partition' that contained some apps that auto ran when the device was plugged into a PC. (actually that CDFS area was also protected so the user couldn't fiddle in there). So as I know it's not possible to just have an autorun.inf run when the device is plugged in, I was thinking that if I could create a CDFS that is seen by the PC as a CDRom drive it would solve my problem. One main consideration is that I need to create that environment from within my VB app so it is transparent to the user. In other words the user would click a button in the app to "Install to USB" and my app would do or run whatever is needed to be done to format the USB device, create the CDFS and I would then copy my files to that CDFS area.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance

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a ) Not sure what your issue with autorun.inf is...

b )

And please do not post in completely irrelevant topic, moved your post in a separate one ;)


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Sorry ilko_t I didn't see a reply to this.

I just posted again in that same thread as I thought this never made it there. Should I (if I can) delete that new post ?




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