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Ludwig Von Cookie Koopa

Apple is trying to wipe out the standard desktop with their ipad

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So back in 2005 when I decided to go to college.The photography lab was replaced by an armada of Apple G4s with built in Cameras. Thinking back to how they abused the office space of photgraphy and how he had our digital cameras in our faces. I think people overestimate advancement. Enough of the boring intro...

the Ipad2 apparently is going to be faster, smaller, sport a camera, allow phone calls, and can even run touchscreen, motion games, along with regular devices. Speaking of Desktop, you have all seen the IBM

commercial with their wireless mobile phone labtop. So apple basically is doing this to

attune to people like me who don't like the widescreen

get people who wants a simple computer and allows space

change desktop media for life again in the comming ten years.

okay, enough of the insanity. the point is the OSX ( intel and ppc )

can emulate DOS, win9x, winXP, Amiga ( why why why ), alot more

Runs on top UNIX ( so if I had a brain I could run LINUX , with Wine, and then run my Adobe CS ),

To all of 8-bit programmers, just has less inspiration towards making programs, that will do their function.

I know it is nothing to worry about, and at this stage in my life I am more into being an hobbyist then a changer or shaker in the computer world but seriously.

To the current generation Yers a labtop ( notebook ) is the same thing as a desktop.

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Tripredacus    286

Its not really just Apple that is doing it, they are just taking advantage of it and marketing it better. Its been a trend for awhile and probably started with the ability to do mobile computing. But even back in the olden days of portable computing (this could go all the way up until 2005 actually) mobile pc like notebooks and laptops were JUST like desktops. Well for the most part, but PCs were still better in some areas such as graphics and the ability to go online. And we all know that Tablet PCs are not necessarily new, but aside from the ability to write on the screen, they had the same limitations of other portables.

It wasn't until portables became more streamlined to what people actually would want them for. Sure you could be typing up your spreadsheets or documents on a train, but a lot of business folks found they could use it to store their contacts and appointments when not in the office. What if you were out on the road and needed to call a dude, obviously you don't bring your rolodex in your luggage! So things such as the PalmPilot, Blackberry and Clie became hit items in the business world. Yes there were personal organizers before those, but they were more like advanced calculators.

I'm not forgetting about the mobile phone either. Again not something that was particularly new. There were some important advancements in mobile "computing" that led to what we are experiencing today:

1. Cell phones had the ability to send text messages

2. Personal Organizers (Blackberry, etc) had the ability to access the internet.

3. While you could say MP3 players had the ability to play video (this is important) however it was the Sony Clie that first had this ability, ableit only sold in Japan since Sony was not making money in the US market.

4 .Notebooks could go online

Now the reason why you could say the desktop will get wiped out is simple. There are many people who currently own a computer but only need the functions that the business people of 10 years ago needed. Regular folks only need a computer to go online, do email for the most part. So do they actually need a computer for that anymore?

We've already seen the merger of cell phones and personal organizers. Next MP3 players will go away as we will get Phones with that space and options. Already we can see Microsoft is axing the Zune, so this is happening. Tablets are going to end up just being large versions of phones, and eventually I would imagine that they will drop off. Size may be the only issue, but they will end up being competition to phones. Who needs an iPad if you have the same thing in a cell phone? And e-Readers will end up being a fad.

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