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Calling all XP with SP 2 or 3 users...

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vipejc wants to not slipstream so as to "keep updates separate from the install". I would, however (with that in mind), go along with slipstreaming the SP3 (if pre-SP3).
No, I want to integrate all XP and other updates that go with XP using nLite and make a master XP install DVD, but that doesn't seem possible, as I've read an integrated update breaks something or the update can't be integrated. I already have an XP CD with SP3 slipstreamed. At this point, I'm just playing the waiting game, and in late 2014 when XP updates are done and the mod makers smooth it all over, that's when I'll do that.
Uh, uh! nothing "breaks". You just have to do subsequent integrations "fresh" as if done for the first time, not "integrate on top of a previous integration". Fresh only! No Probs! Where did you read "it breaks stuff"? Never seen it...

Have you read nLite instructions? It specifically states "start from untrammeled source" and it's been stated everywhere repeatedly. (sheesh!)

Integrate yes! Re-integrate NO!

(make up my mind... I thought you stated you didn't want to integrate because of all the future updates. is the fear of not being able to integrate future updates the problem? start afresh each time and voila!)

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