Transferring Personal Files From Office Computer Through Internet

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Hello everyone,

Here a have a quest that can't find the perfect solution for a half year now.

I have one machine at office and one at home, both Windows XP SP3, ADSL connection with static IP.

On the office machine a have an archive of about 250 GB of files.

When i am at home sometimes i need to connect to my office machine, search through those files, maybe preview some, and then download some needed files to my home machine, using a download queue feature is possible.

The task doesn't seem so complicated, yet, i did not find a perfect simple solution so far.

Solutions that i tried already, and don't need suggestion on:





DC++ and many variations of it.

Note: am not allowed, and don't want to install any kind or sort of server application on office machine.

So considering all these factors, does anyone have even an idea what solution would be fine for me?

Thank you.


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Have you tried any of the online options like TurboMeeting, WebEx, Gotomypc, etc? I've used the first two I listed, but only tried file transfer on TurboMeeting. Sending along a 200MB file took about 3 hours tho.


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I need an constant and fast search access within an archive of 250 GB of files :)


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