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Preparing Desktop Wallpapers

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I got to get quite a haul of pictures a few days ago and now I'm faced with a question of preparing some files to be desktop wallpapers. Now what I'm thinking is to try to get them to look the best on most monitors out there. What generally does one want to do in that light? Always match to the monitors dimensions, or is some stretching acceptable to fit the monitor? (most of what I find isn't exactly on target and has some black space of some kind when not stretched) Are all widescreen monitors 16:9/16:10? Are all full screen monitors 4:3?

Is there software suited to cropping, resizing & sorting such images for these purposes? Or is just the regular image software the only option?

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I ended up writing something that displays aspect ratios and that helped in sorting the files. I'm assuming that full screen is 1.3333333333333 while widescreen is 1.6 - this fits the stuff I've seen anyhow.

So for what people have run into regarding what is acceptable? In other words, how far away from those values do you want to get before the picture looks bad when displayed on the desktop? I'm thinking 1.6012 is okay for widescreen but 1.5 probably isn't for either?


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