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Injecting Mass Storage Drivers Automatically

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Kungfus0n    0

I have been looking around but have found nothing to do exactly what I want. My current HII works off sysprep and working with the OEMPNPDriver path after laying down the image to scan for the right drivers and copy them locally. This system works very well except for obviously when new Mass Storage drivers come out and the image needs to be updated. I have been looking for some sort of script that will basically grab the DEV ID from the storage device ahci or ide, copy the drivers locally and then append the system registry with the current critical driver database information. Seems like something that would be out in the wild but I havent come across it yet.

Any ideas?

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Kungfus0n    0

Can you describe current work flow?

Which OS do you boot? How are integrated mass storage drivers?

Which OS do you like to deploy.

Do you boot the same OS as you deploy?

A .cmd apporach based on PE1, can be automated by command line.

assumption mass storage drivers integerated to txtsetup.sif


Sure, first off we are only an XP shop at this point and 7 is in the works.

Second, we are currently using HII Tools for Altiris booting into Windows PE2.1, seems to be utilities that are out there but not named accordingly so I will describe what they do.

Current workflow is a sysprepped image that has the Mass-storage Drivers slip-streamed in through n-lite.

Image gets laid down through Altiris

Microsoft Tap is run to get an ouput of hardware

the out of that file is compared against a database of drivers for HWIDs and drivers ar ecopied down locally to C:\Media\Drivers - Application is called DriverPrep

A utility called PreSetup is copied down locally to the box that runs a custom script before sysprep, seems to be a normal program that disabled driver signing and runs some pre-lim stuff

part of the pre-lim is a program that scans the C:\Media\Drivers folder and appends the OEMPNPPath with all folders.

Machine reboots and sysprep runs with the updated paths and all drivers are installed.

Looking over your link now.

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