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hello everyone,

am currently new on this forum and i have some little problems

my dell l400 (running winxp pro) recently crashed down. i have been tryin to pxe boot from my desktop since the only usb port it has is bad and no there is no external cd rom available.

i was able to configure tftp to give out dhcp addresses and setup the precofig.cfg folder. but i ran into problems with the default config file. it cant boot from the image. saying cannot find boot image and leaves me with a command prompt.

since i knew the image file name i decided to key it in myself. i typed bartdisk.ima and the next thing i started loading and gave me a matrix kind of graphical screen only this time its not green (lol). it just remains there for hours with no head way.

i am a kind of confused on what to do. i have tried other tips from other sites. but i cant seem to pass on. any help will be really appreciated. thanks...


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I'm wondering why this is in the web development section. How exactly have you set up your PXE boot? What is the server?


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