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URGENT!.. Suggestion needed for which language to choose..

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I am supposed to design an application with the following details:
Front end : Forms kinda UI structure to enter data
Back end : Oracle database server

Which is the best framework, which can help me design a web based application, wherein the main task of the application is editing a database i.e. I must be able to insert data, edit data, view data and delete data in the database.

The UI will be a form, which enables the user to enter the values which needs to be inserted into the tables of the database.

I hope I am clear with my description..

If you think JAVA is not a good choice, whats the next best choice of a language you could suggest me with?

Note: This is an administrator level tool...
Thanks and I appreciate your help and guidance...!

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PHP or ASP.NET might be a good start. C# is an idea too. The front-end will just be HTML of course. I'd stay away from Java unless this will be an intranet site where you can contol the plug-ins that will be on the client.
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ASP.NET might be a good start. C# is an idea too.

Tons of people are moving from ASP.NET to ASP.NET MVC (similar in name but quite a different beast). C# (or VB) is what ASP.NET or ASP.NET MVC uses for server-side code, it's not something you'd use instead of ASP.NET (or ASP.NET MVC) but along with it.

I'd stay away from Java unless this will be an intranet site where you can contol the plug-ins that will be on the client.

Most sites that use Java don't need it installed on the client PCs, they only use it server-wide (JSP or Servlets) to generate the HTML (not those dreaded applets). Not that I would use that personally.

@vindhyar: No one can tell you what to use ("XYZ is best so just use that"). It comes down to a lot of factors:
-what languages you already know or are familiar with (I wouldn't personally pick Java, but if you already know it...)
-what the server can handle (as nice as ASP.NET MVC is, if it has to run on a cheapo LAMP hosting package...)
and some more factors...

I would personally make sure whatever you pick makes it easy to validate form data both client and server-side (if they can share some of the same code, great), preferably has a decent object relational mapper (or at least has a sane way of doing SQL queries i.e. using parameters -- this is not optional), if possible have scaffolding or code generation from templates to create most of the form markup from the data model, uses a strong MVC (or MVVM) model (separation of concerns) or some other sane n-tier design/architecture, has a decent development environment / IDE / tools, works well with the database you're going to use, having some sort of reporting technology built-in can be quite nice (analyzing & presenting the data), having some sort of user/group "login system" built-in (in a "framework") can be quite a time saver (why reinvent the wheel?) and so on. There really shouldn't be too many options left...

Either ways, if you've never done this kind of thing before, I don't think you can quite imagine how much learning there is ahead of you (HTML, CSS, SQL, various techs/languages/tools used and so on) to do this properly (from several months to a few years). It might sound like a weekend project but I can assure you it's not... If you are in such a hurry as you make it seem in the first post (urgent!) then perhaps another tool would be best, or perhaps you may want to find a local business that will do it for you.
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