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Misc Add-on's

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Nologic    0

[Linky] MediaFire folder.

* Hold up * - seems I got one of my addon's screwing up the install process...ether that or VirtualBox is being picky...things ran fine on Virtual PC...anyways the short of it is dont' deploy with my addon's till I get things squared away. == All fixed it was ThreatFire that caused the hang...so everything is golden again.

The following are available at the above link:

ProgramAddons Adolix Wallpaper Changer 2.2.cab

ProgramAddons Agent Ransack 2010 (762).cab

ProgramAddons CDisplayEx 1.8.cab

ProgramAddons Cobian Backup

ProgramAddons ComicRack 0.9.142.cab

ProgramAddons ConTEXT 0.98.6.cab

ProgramAddons Defraggler 2.05.315.cab

ProgramAddons EditPad Lite 7.0.4.cab

ProgramAddons Exalead

ProgramAddons Fast Explorer 2008

ProgramAddons FileMenu Tools 5.8.1.cab

ProgramAddons Find and Run Robot 2.99.01.cab

ProgramAddons Free Download Manager 3.8.1041.cab

ProgramAddons Free Launchbar 2.0.cab

ProgramAddons GeSWall 2.9.1.cab

ProgramAddons ImageXtender

ProgramAddons jane 1.65.cab

ProgramAddons John's Background Switcher 4.4.cab

ProgramAddons JPSoft TCCLE 12.11.69.cab

ProgramAddons KeePass 2.15.cab

ProgramAddons Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

ProgramAddons MediaTab 1.1.9.cab

ProgramAddons Miner Mole 1.11.cab

ProgramAddons Multi Monitor Mouse 1.1.cab

ProgramAddons MyFonts.cab

ProgramAddons PeerBlock 1.1.cab

ProgramAddons Pidgin 2.9.0.cab

ProgramAddons RJ TextEd 7.43.cab

ProgramAddons Sandboxie 3.56.cab

ProgramAddons Screen Meditation ScreenSavers.cab

ProgramAddons Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) 2.0.cab

ProgramAddons Send To Toys 2.61.cab

ProgramAddons Software Informer 1.1.657.cab

ProgramAddons Stickies 7.1a.cab

ProgramAddons SUMo

ProgramAddons TED Notepad 5.4.2.cab

ProgramAddons TotalEdit Lite 5.4.7.cab

ProgramAddons UltraVNC

ProgramAddons Update Checker 1.038.cab

ProgramAddons uTorrent 2.2.1.cab

ProgramAddons VirtualBox 4.0.10.cab

ProgramAddons WinPatrol 20.5.2011.cab

ProgramAddons WizMouse

I'm new to going this route...so quality will likely improve, as well as frequency of updates. Hehe the quality of my posts will most certainly improve...this is kind of lack luster just to get stuff out the door. :)

Edited by Nologic

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JKeenan    0

thanks man i found defragler to be one of the best defrag programs ive used to date so its nice to see it as an addon

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