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MS Project Custom Field with Formula

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I have developed the formula shown below for a colleague's schedule to indicate Red, Amber, Green status. This colleague now wishes for me to add to the graphical indicators a Tick to represent Completed Tasks and a Cross to indicate those Tasks whereby the Work column has been amended to 0 to reflect the task is Cancelled. Could someone help me in amending/revising this formula?

IIf([scheduled Duration]=0,(IIf([% Complete]=100,2,IIf([scheduled Finish]<Now()+7 And [% Complete]<100 And [% Complete]>=80,3,IIf([scheduled Finish]<Now()+7 And [% Complete]<80,4,1)))),IIf(([% Complete]=100 Or [% Complete]>100*(Abs((Now()-[scheduled Start])/([scheduled Finish]-[scheduled Start])))),2,(IIf([scheduled Finish]>Now(),IIf([scheduled Start]>Now(),1,3),4))))


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