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Best way to get any wallpaper on desktop using my method

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Hello everyone.

Maybe what they know and maybe do not know the trick how to trick XP Bliss picture.

This means excellent when you want to see what I want on your desktop.

Who ever dealt with a very long time and I wanted to find out everything about the xp cd setup.

This is one day I managed many of the time I managed to fool XP)

This is primarily what you need is a program nlite, reg file, move the bliss with her new document file and simply hiding xp cd directory.

Maybe that someone already knows and maybe that is not to do so.

Remember only one thing that the web folder a picture to be in the save folder as wallpaper.

and must be applied to desktop and you will not see it after install.

It is also the subject must be applied.

the only topic copy to

$ WINDIR $ \ xp \ $ OEM $ \ Web \ Wallpaper


Here it should be so for theme

$ WINDIR $ \ xp \ $ OEM $ \ Resources \ Themes


and too for bliss

C: \ WINDOWS \ Web \ Wallpaper \ bliss.bmp

Continue to open regedit and follow my example.

Remove from XP Bliss old and replace with new:)








Now go to XP CD folder and click on the I386 folder now search for hivedev.inf

Change this to Bliss


and secret bonus dork to look for reg file codes :)

intext:"Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00" disable balloontips

For more bonus : here intitle:"index.of"/ miscrosoft reg

And this is my combinated dork to find reg files and make it after installion genuine :)

Where xp sp3 you can change to whatever you want.

Have fun guys :D

"OOBETimer" "LastWPAEventLogged" "DigitalProductId" "notepad" "xp sp3"

And you're done: D

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why not just right click on a picture in explorer and choose set as wallpaper?



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