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Media Center channels listed as Satellite

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I just got a new TV tuner card for my PC and installed it today. After putting the drivers on my machine, I went to the Windows Media Center initial setup in Windows 7 64bit. All went well and many channels showed up, even some in HD. My tuner supports Clear QAM and Analog and the channels that it is showing are a mix of both (some analog, some digital).

However, as I was going through the channel editor to see if the auto-scan missed any, I realized that all of the "premium" channels were just static... CNBC, Discovery, Disney, HLN, you name it. All I am getting is the basic cable ones - NBC, ABC, etc. On the ones that do not work, it lists the channel name and then "-Satellite" at the end. I am using Comcast Cable service so I think that the auto scan misidentified these channels as satellite ones. Any thoughts on how to get these channels working - get them off Satellite mode?

(Btw, when you try to go to these channels, it gives a red and green static "snow".)


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Edit: Hooked up a set-top box type thing and all of the channels came in, but the HD ones no longer show up. I am going to get a coaxial splitter thing so that I can use it both ways, with and without the box.


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